NEF Blog: Why Europe needs CCs

Time banking, business-to-business currencies, local payment schemes: community currencies such as these are rapidly rising to prominence in the wake of the financial crisis, in Europe and elsewhere.

NEF Research: Energising Money

An introduction to energy currencies and accounting. Written by my future NEF colleagues Josh Ryan-Collins and Tony Greeham, and my colleague in Berlin at the time Ludwig Schuster. Download the full PDF here. Modern interest-bearing bank-debt money creates the illusion of exponentially growing wealth and an unceasing demand for economic growth and/or inflation. In return, […]

Interview: IPS Local Money Sets Its Own Stamp

“But I am not sure that what some people today see as the global renaissance of complementary currencies should be attributed to the global crisis,” Bindewald says. “Other factors like lower transaction costs through technological advancements and a more networked society contribute too.” Read full article here:

Terminology: Currency vs Money

Trying to explain what complementary currencies “really” are, leads to different answers depending on who askes and who answers. Even getting the basics laid out, like “what is money?” and “what is a currency?” seems to produce conflicting answers by different prominent actors in this young discipline. Without drilling into other troublesome discourses of terminology that […]

Dual currency pilot at HUB Brussels, 2010-2012

This is the introductory text published on and about an community exchange platform implemented at the HUB Brussels in 2010. With the closure of the HUB Brussels this pilot has been discontinued. A funding applications for the scaling and further development of the ideas from can be downloaded here(May 2010). Let´s build our Hub community, […]