CriteriCal - Implementing Values

unpacking money as we know it
- and designing new currencies -
as social technologies

Leander Bindewald

About me

Uniting an academic background in neurobiology, philosophy and economics with life and work-experience on 4 continents, I had worked as an independent consultant on collaborative processes and complementary currencies since 2009.
Having focused solely on complementary currencies as a consultant and researcher since early 2010, I was recently awarded a PhD in monetary theory from Lancaster University (October 2018). From 2012 until July 2015 I worked as a researcher and project-manager at the New Economics Foundation in London, heading up research and communications for the EU Interreg project Community Currencies in Action.
I currently work as a freelance consultant on complementary currency design, research and implementation projects. Click here for my short bio or resumé and feel free to contact me for more information or proposals.

Implementing Values