CCIA Book: People Powered Money

Designing, developing & delivering community currencies Written together with my New Economics Foundation colleagues Alice Martin and Duncan McCann. Money holds many mysteries. Where does it come from? How did it evolve? Who creates it and controls it? Why do we never seem to have enough? People Powered Money helps to unravel the mysteries behind […]

NEF Research: Money with a Purpose

Community currencies achieving social, environmental and economic impact. Written with my NEF colleague Susan Steed. Download full PDF here. Since the financial crisis, interest in new types of money has surged. Projects like Bitcoin have hit the headlines as communities around the world experiment with their own currencies and methods of exchange. In this new […]

Research: IJCCR – Impact Assessment of CCs

Validating and improving the Impact of Complementary Currency Systems through impact assessment frameworks by Christophe Place and Leander Bindewald Credibility and legitimacy are required to improve the design and implementation of complementary currency systems (CCS) and to engage with public institutions, while depending on sustained support from funders.

CC Knowledge Gateway

The Community Currency Knowledge Gateway was build for the Community Currencies in Action (CCIA) project. As the project manager of CCIA for the New Economics Foundation, I developed the strategy, content architecture and layout of the website, procured and liaised with the web-developers (WordPress with WPML) and authored and edited large parts of the initial […]