Essay: Istanbul New City Reader

Read the full article as published here. When talking about changing the world it is becoming a main stream notion that a good place to start is the economy. And when talking about changing the economy its not an insider idea anymore that our monetary regimes are the best place to start on that on. […]

NEF Research: Energising Money

An introduction to energy currencies and accounting. Written by my future NEF colleagues Josh Ryan-Collins and Tony Greeham, and my colleague in Berlin at the time Ludwig Schuster. Download the full PDF here. Modern interest-bearing bank-debt money creates the illusion of exponentially growing wealth and an unceasing demand for economic growth and/or inflation. In return, […]

Update: Talente Austria / Swiss City to launch Time Care Currency

The Swiss city of St. Gallen has aproved the designs for a time saving currency, geard to tackel the growing (financial) problem of elder care. The proposals comes from the neighbouring Talente Currencies in Vorarlberg, Austria (see earlier article here), where time savings could not be implemenented by governmental bodies because of legal and regulatory […]

“WEaseling”, a post-heroic varmint

This short explanation was requested manifold by those who heard me use this hairy little¬† neologisms of mine: “WEaseling”*. The term proved helpful in pointing to a phenomenon in groups and group-processes, that quickly creates a feeling of joint direction but, on the flip side, leads to disappointment and disengagement afterwards. Especially in groups that […]

The Ven – From Karma to Carbon

Sporting a plethora of brilliant attributes and a track record of several world firsts in the sphere of new currencies, the Ven has been an issue of inspiration and discussion far afield. As with most currencies, user stories often illuminate as much of the currency design and mechanisms as driving a car illuminates about engineering. […]