The importance of words – for economics, education & evaluation

  “Zero is where the real fun starts” is a think piece written for the TEESnet conference 2016 in Liverpool – by Katie Carr (CDEC) and myself. Download the article as part of the conference proceedings, pages 49-60, here. …from the introduction: In this paper, we propose that the dominance of quantifiable measurable phenomena over […]

The Guardian – You need never use a bank again. Here’s why

  This article of mine was published in the Guardian Sustainable Business Section on July 15th 2015, read the original article here. The emergence of peer-to-peer lending, fintech and new forms of currencies mean people and businesses can act on their dissatisfaction with the big banks. Dissatisfaction with the banking sector over the last decade […]

NEF Blog: Why Bitcoin hasn’t changed finance – yet

Last week I was invited to talk about Bitcoin and the future of money at the Sibos conference in Boston, an annual get-together of the payment systems industry: the people working in between your bank account and that of anyone you buy from. This is a gigantic, profitable and globally established sector – but at […]

The Endilo Overture – aka my Little Black Box experiment

εὔδηλοςy/endilos = quite clear, manifest, e.g.: εὔδηλός [ἐστι] ποιῶν = all may see him doing; opposite to: κρυπτός/cryptos = hidden, secret Here you are then, thank you for allowing me to put this opportunity into your hands. You see, it is just a little black box, nothing special about it on the outside. It looks craftily […]

NEF Blog: Time to think bigger on Scottish currency

(Photo credit:   Jonathan Combe) On currency, the vibrant Scottish independence debate has got stuck in a rut. Whether or not Britain will share the sterling is an emotive subject. But it also begs the question of why – in a creative, digitally advanced and regionally diverse society – the strength of an economy should […]

NEF Blog: What is the value of Bitcoin?

Now four years old, Bitcoin is the celebrity of the complementary currencies world. It is currently trading at over $800 after two US senate committee fact-finding sessions heard last week. Political opinion is still divided, but for those investing in Bitcoin as an asset, any government recognition is good news. It perhaps says more about […]

NEF Blog: Why Europe needs CCs

Time banking, business-to-business currencies, local payment schemes: community currencies such as these are rapidly rising to prominence in the wake of the financial crisis, in Europe and elsewhere.

“Representational Charge”, Amendment 1

Thanks to feedback from Bernard Lietaer, Marco Sachy and Gael van Weyenbergh and learning from Thomas Greco during his UK tour in November 2012, I would like to change the proposed structure of the “Representational Charge” dimension as follows (original article here). The unit of account (as the only necessary and for some currencies sufficient […]