The importance of words – for economics, education & evaluation

  “Zero is where the real fun starts” is a think piece written for the TEESnet conference 2016 in Liverpool – by Katie Carr (CDEC) and myself. It is pending publication in their conference proceedings. An authors’ copy is available for download here. …from the introduction: In this paper, we propose that the dominance of […]

The Guardian – You need never use a bank again. Here’s why

Guardian Sust Bizz

  This article of mine was published in the Guardian Sustainable Business Section on July 15th 2015, read the original article here. The emergence of peer-to-peer lending, fintech and new forms of currencies mean people and businesses can act on their dissatisfaction with the big banks. Dissatisfaction with the banking sector over the last decade […]

NEF Blog: Why Bitcoin hasn’t changed finance – yet


Last week I was invited to talk about Bitcoin and the future of money at the Sibos conference in Boston, an annual get-together of the payment systems industry: the people working in between your bank account and that of anyone you buy from. This is a gigantic, profitable and globally established sector – but at […]

The Endilo Overture – aka my Little Black Box experiment

εὔδηλοςy/endilos = quite clear, manifest, e.g.: εὔδηλός [ἐστι] ποιῶν = all may see him doing; opposite to: κρυπτός/cryptos = hidden, secret Here you are then, thank you for allowing me to put this opportunity into your hands. You see, it is just a little black box, nothing special about it on the outside. It looks craftily […]

NEF Blog: Time to think bigger on Scottish currency


(Photo credit:   Jonathan Combe) On currency, the vibrant Scottish independence debate has got stuck in a rut. Whether or not Britain will share the sterling is an emotive subject. But it also begs the question of why – in a creative, digitally advanced and regionally diverse society – the strength of an economy should […]

NEF Blog: What is the value of Bitcoin?


Now four years old, Bitcoin is the celebrity of the complementary currencies world. It is currently trading at over $800 after two US senate committee fact-finding sessions heard last week. Political opinion is still divided, but for those investing in Bitcoin as an asset, any government recognition is good news. It perhaps says more about […]

NEF Blog: Why Europe needs CCs


Time banking, business-to-business currencies, local payment schemes: community currencies such as these are rapidly rising to prominence in the wake of the financial crisis, in Europe and elsewhere.

“Representational Charge”, Amendment 1

Thanks to feedback from Bernard Lietaer, Marco Sachy and Gael van Weyenbergh and learning from Thomas Greco during his UK tour in November 2012, I would like to change the proposed structure of the “Representational Charge” dimension as follows (original article here). The unit of account (as the only necessary and for some currencies sufficient […]