Me in Easyjet Magazine: Quoted on Bitcoin

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Regional Bitcoin equivalents have popped up in Iceland, Czech Republic, Spain and Greece, all this year, created in the hope of bolstering local economies. It’s not uncommon for such ‘community currencies’ to emerge in difficult times –  when traditional currencies fail

Interview: The Guardian – Bitcoin


Bitcoin is having its moment but there are better sustainable currencies The crypto currency’s liberating features are undone by its susceptibility to fraud. With other options out there, Bitcoin may not be the best bet. Bitcoin suffers two other major downsides, neither of them headline-grabbers

News: World First Uni BTC Payment

See various media coverage about my Bitcoin payment of university fees in: The Daily Mail CoinTelegraph Uni Cumbria Press Release Coinreport Lanceshire Evening Post Lanceshire Magazine   All done live from my mobile phone while speaking on stage during a currency panel at the QuiShare Fest in Paris (in the picture left to right: Prof […]

NEF Blog: What is the value of Bitcoin?


Now four years old, Bitcoin is the celebrity of the complementary currencies world. It is currently trading at over $800 after two US senate committee fact-finding sessions heard last week. Political opinion is still divided, but for those investing in Bitcoin as an asset, any government recognition is good news. It perhaps says more about […]