CCMag, Big Picture Interview: Rolf Schilling

This interview appeared in the Community Currency Magazine (archive link), Oct 2011 The western most province of Austria, Vorarlberg, is home to the reputable “Talente” currency system. From its start as a province-wide timebank in 1996 it succeeded to combine different targeted currency models and even got the local authorities to accept some of them […]

CCMag, Big Picture Interview: Paul Glover

This interview appeared in the Community Currency Magazine (archive link), Oct 2011 1. What are the questions you would most want to explore with fellow movers and shakers in the complementary currency movement? The comparability of local currencies with digital currency. Systems of intertrade and clearance, between all these currencies with standards of confederation to […]

Dual currency pilot at HUB Brussels, 2010-2012

This is the introductory text published on and about an community exchange platform implemented at the HUB Brussels in 2010. With the closure of the HUB Brussels this pilot has been discontinued. A funding applications for the scaling and further development of the ideas from can be downloaded here(May 2010). Let´s build our Hub community, […]

“Tout Droit in Afrika” (Allradler Magazin)

Weil im Artikel nicht bedacht, so doch wenigsten hier mein herzlichster Dank an Katja Ecker für die verbundene Begleitung und scharfsinnige logistische Unterstützung auf dem letzten Teil dieser Reise von Marokko nach Deutschland!   Dieser Artikel erschien im Allradler Magazin 02/2008    Artikel als PDF herunterladen