The importance of words – for economics, education & evaluation

  “Zero is where the real fun starts” is a think piece written for the TEESnet conference 2016 in Liverpool – by Katie Carr (CDEC) and myself. Download the article as part of the conference proceedings, pages 49-60, here. …from the introduction: In this paper, we propose that the dominance of quantifiable measurable phenomena over […]

PhD research: The Grammar of Money

  This is the abstract of my May 2016 MIF conference contribution (Lyon, FR), the full document can be downloaded here. Since the financial crisis in 2008, complementary and community currencies have received unprecedented attention by the media, grassroots change agents and policy makers. However, money itself remains as elusive a phenomenon as water must […]

CCMagazine Archive

Launched by Mark Herpel in 2009 and later curated by a team around Matthew Slater the CCMagazine has been published until 2011 as a free and voluntarily run communication channel for the complementary currency scene and its wider stakeholder communities – in the editor’s words “to see the disparate parts of the complementary currency movement […]

Me in Easyjet Magazine: Quoted on Bitcoin

Regional Bitcoin equivalents have popped up in Iceland, Czech Republic, Spain and Greece, all this year, created in the hope of bolstering local economies. It’s not uncommon for such ‘community currencies’ to emerge in difficult times –  when traditional currencies fail

NEF Blog: Why Bitcoin hasn’t changed finance – yet

Last week I was invited to talk about Bitcoin and the future of money at the Sibos conference in Boston, an annual get-together of the payment systems industry: the people working in between your bank account and that of anyone you buy from. This is a gigantic, profitable and globally established sector – but at […]

The Endilo Overture – aka my Little Black Box experiment

εὔδηλοςy/endilos = quite clear, manifest, e.g.: εὔδηλός [ἐστι] ποιῶν = all may see him doing; opposite to: κρυπτός/cryptos = hidden, secret Here you are then, thank you for allowing me to put this opportunity into your hands. You see, it is just a little black box, nothing special about it on the outside. It looks craftily […]